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Our Restaurant

Karma Restaurant was founded in 2006 with its first location in Westford, MA.  Karma's second location, in Andover, Massachusetts, has become a staple in the community through local charity involvement and community outreach programs.  We provide our guests with a unique dine in experience where our staff can truly guide you.  We also provided catering for events and take out so that you can have Karma even on the go!  The quality of our product is unmatched, and our menu offers a selection that is in a league of its own.

Whether you come to enjoy our full-service bar or our dining room, the staff will never disappoint. This is an establishment where not only your name will be remembered but so will your favorite drinks and meals. 

There are always seasonal special that you can't find anywhere else and the staff will know just how to help you choose the perfect option for you!  The community and Karma employees have become a family, which is exactly how we want each of your guests to feel. 



Our goal has always been to cultivate new and evolving flavors through a fusion of Asian cuisine and a diverse palate consisting of European origins.  Karma provides an experience that will awaken your senses and envelop your mouth with an array of tastes.  Known for our exquisite sushi selection, we bring new, exciting options to each dining experience and couple them with traditional Asian comfort food.


To accent our menu, we have a selection of ever-changing craft cocktails that pair nicely with any of our dishes.  Shying away from tradition our cocktails reflect the innovative culture and tone that our cuisine sets.

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